Sun Tunnels

Your home is the best place in the universe to live.  It makes you feel safe and secure from anything. You always want to keep your home filled with enough lighting and brightness.  Sun tunnel is the best option to enlighten your home’s dark areas with natural light. Sun tunnels channelize sunlight from your rooftop through a reflective tunnel tube in your dark rooms or spaces. It can be installed on the top of your roof to allow a clear inflow of daylight.

Sun tunnels are of two types – rigid and flexible. Rigid sun tunnel provides better transmission of light to dark areas. They allow sunlight to travel down the tunnel directly from the ceiling. The more natural light will be driven down the roof when the light is bounced less.

The other type of sun tunnel is flexible sun tunnel. It is a cost-effective solution which requires less installation cost. Due to flexible nature of tube and multiple turns the sunlight will be passing through less in quantity from flexible sun tunnel. It allows negotiating with the hindrances.

Some solar tunnels are in a dome shape and placed on the rooftop, and other are generally in flat glass panels. These panels come in a variety of styles to give an attractive look to the roof. Dome-shaped tunnels are placed little above the tiles and give a beautiful look.

The next important thing to look at is the position of your solar tunnel.  It should be placed in such a way so that the travel time of light is as lesser as possible and should cover a whole room or dark space with a minimal number of installation.

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