Solar Panel System for Home Electricity

Solar Panel SystemA solar panel system converts solar energy into usable electricity through an effect known as photovoltaic. The system is quite popular in areas where sunlight is in abundance. Homes with abackyard area can utilize the place for installing the solar panels and power the entire house with homemade electricity. You can also always use your roof area to install solar panels.

Most home solar systems are designed to power high energy consuming electric equipment such as AC, refrigerators, fans, heaters, music systems, and television. The cost of installing a solar system depends on two factors – the type of solar system and the required electricity consumption.

There are two types of the solar panel system – grid connected and off-grid. An off-grid solar system is not connected with the main grid. The solar energy generated is stored in the deep cycle batteries that are different from the automobile batteries. The power thus stored in the batteries is converted into AC power through an inverter.

A grid-connected solar system does not use batteries. It is directly connected to an inverter. For off-grid as well as the grid-connected solar system, solar panels are required to be installed. The number of panels depends on the utility requirement. A house with more electricity requirement would require more panels to be installed. These panels once installed require minimal maintenance.

The solar panel system has proven to be a good alternative to the utility. Electricity generated by solar panels is eco-friendly and cost-effective. However, it may cost more to have the solar power system installed at home.

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