Preparing for Hurricane or Storm

Hurricanes or tropical storms are natural calamities that are unstoppable, but damages from them can be minimized. You simply have to prepare yourself, your family, and your property. Getting ready for the storm before it wrecks is the only thing that one can do because after all, there’s no way we can control its path. The Atlantic hurricane season starts from June 1 and lasts till November 30 every year. However, we’ve seen storms happening even before or after these months mentioned.

preparing for hurricane

Here are some quick hurricane preparedness tips issued by the CDC:

1. Emergency Supply: It is advisable to stock your home to prevent a shortage of food and staple. Buy home and car supplies beforehand to avoid going out in the storm. Bring out your solar flashlights too.

2. Family Disaster Plan: Draft a family disaster plan, so your family knows what to do in the event of a crisis. The plan should have information on whom to call for an emergency, where to escape and how to connect with other members of the family.

3. Check CO detector: Ensure proper working of the CO detector in your home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning after the storm.

4. Pets safety: The head of the family should ensure the safety of the pets as well. Do not leave them out in the storm. Provide them a safe place to stay until the storm is over. Have their food in stock.

5. Older Adult Health Problems: If you have elderly living with you understand their medical and health concerns.

6. Prepare to evacuate: Be ready for an evacuation order that may be issued by the authorities keeping the safety of the residents in mind.

7. After Hurricane Safety: The hurricane may damage your house and even cause flood and diseases. Ensure your safety after the hurricane by preventing any injury and consuming healthy food.

Hurricane is a natural disaster that can leave one tormented. Taking the right steps may help overcome damage from the storm.