DIY Solar Attic Fan Installation

DIY Solar Attic FanA solar attic fan is a great added home feature that can help increase the overall comfort of your home and significantly reduce your energy costs. This article will help you understand the process of DIY solar attic fan installation. However, allow us to give you a fair warning as early as now – we do not recommend you making this into a DIY project. It is always best to reach out to a licensed contractor. 

You have to make changes on the actual roof of your home – cut out a portion or drill holes on it. If you make a mistake, then it will be an expensive roof repair that you have to worry about. This defeats the very purpose of saving money by adding a solar attic fan. There are many custom home builders that have ample experience in this regard. In 2020, most custom home builders like Posada Custom Homes can handle all your custom home upgrades, including solar products.

However, if you do have experience in installing things such as attic fans that involves tools and making changes around your house, then by all means, check out the step-by-step procedure below:

Step 1: Cut two 13″ pieces of wood for mounts. Paint them to the roof tile color.

Step 2: Secure the mounts to tile roof using heavy-duty construction adhesive. Let it dry for 2 hours.

Step 3: Pull 16 gauge wire through the attic and push out the vent

Step 4: Run wire over to solar panel location

Step 5: Secure the solar panel to wood mounts on the roof using adapters that come with the panels. Attach wiring to the panel to ensure to add positive (+) to positive, negative (–) to negative. Any wrong wiring could damage the solar panel and may even turn down the electricity of the house. 

Step 6: Drill four holes in each corner of the fan. Here it would be best if you were extra careful as wrong drilling can damage the fan and add to your expenses. 

Step 7: Screw the fan by placing it on the attic. Use corner holes drilled in the last step to screw tight the fan. Again wire the fan may putting positive (+) to positive, negative (–) to negative. 

Conscious Note: Any project that requires electrical work or any work that is related to electrical equipment should be done under the supervision of an expert. You can surely have an attic fan installed alone, but the damage can cost you more in terms of a complete power failure and severe injuries due to electric shock. It is highly recommended to have a solar contractor on the site and let him do the job as a solar attic fan is quite a heavy investment.