Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar SystemsCommercial solar installation is the best choice to be selected for your business and commercial complex. It will help you in reducing your monthly energy bill but also help you to reduce your carbon footprint which improves the health and longevity of our precious Mother Earth! You can promote your company as supporting sustainable energy organization and can attract more customers who prefer to take environmentally-friendly services.

You install a commercial solar system for your business for a long-term plan and want to keep on getting its benefit for a longer duration. Solar investments and solar products for a large commercial building can have a huge benefit for your building and its energy efficiency. Not only will your building use less energy, but you will also have less impact on the environment which is a very responsible thing to do.

The existence of Business: You are switching your commercial energy needs to solar for longer life, usually measured in decades.  You would always want to stay connected with your solar provider for the long term to administer warranty or maintenance. Things will break on your solar system over time, and the warranty will always be extremely important!

Movability: You need to check if your solar provider will assist you when you are moving your business from one place to another. Many people move unexpectedly for different reasons, and you definitely do not want your solar investment to be wasted.

Performance of Solar System: There should be some warranty or guarantee on performance from your solar system provider and an agreed performance level defined by the provider.

Maintenance: Check if the provider is giving you a regular maintenance of your solar system and how much they are charging for the same. Maintenance and consistent upkeep are the keys to keep your system working at an optimum level.

Installation time: Make a timeline for installation and mutually agreed to it.  The will help you in setting up clear expectations of the time to get this up and running. If you have a deadline, make sure that deadline is spelled out in writing so that you will not be disappointed if there are delays.

Tax Incentives: Check with the solar provider about the tax advantages or any incentives you will be getting. It is also a good idea to do your own research, as these incentives are always changing and evolving.

Here is a helpful video explaining the basics of solar power:

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