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DIY Solar Attic Fan Installation

DIY Solar Attic FanA solar attic fan is a great added home feature that can help increase the overall comfort of your home and significantly reduce your energy costs. This article will help you understand the process of DIY solar attic fan installation. However, allow us to give you a fair warning as early as now – we do not recommend you making this into a DIY project. It is always best to reach out to a licensed contractor. 

You have to make changes on the actual roof of your home – cut out a portion or drill holes on it. If you make a mistake, then it will be an expensive roof repair that you have to worry about. This defeats the very purpose of saving money by adding a solar attic fan. There are many custom home builders that have ample experience in this regard. In 2020, most custom home builders like Posada Custom Homes can handle all your custom home upgrades, including solar products.


Solar Panel System for Home Electricity

Solar Panel SystemA solar panel system converts solar energy into usable electricity through an effect known as photovoltaic. The system is quite popular in areas where sunlight is in abundance. Homes with abackyard area can utilize the place for installing the solar panels and power the entire house with homemade electricity. You can also always use your roof area to install solar panels.

Most home solar systems are designed to power high energy consuming electric equipment such as AC, refrigerators, fans, heaters, music systems, and television. The cost of installing a solar system depends on two factors – the type of solar system and the required electricity consumption.


Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fansIs your current attic fan due for replacement? Or are you thinking of installing a new attic fan in your home? It’s time for you to consider solar attic fans. They work pretty much the same way a traditional attic fan would work, but they’re more energy efficient and friendly to the environment because it relies on solar power.

Although there are plenty of solar attic fans readily available for purchase on the market today, it is best to reach out to a local solar contractor to get them installed. This way you can be sure you’re getting a reliable and high-quality brand for your solar attic fan. You can also be guaranteed that installation is done the proper way and your attic fan would be as efficient as you need it to be.


Benefits of Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden LightsSolar garden lights are very popular among homeowners these days. As the name suggests, these are lights using solar power. They have tiny solar panels attached to them to make them work and light up all through the night. Because the demand is high, there are so many stores, local ones and even online, who are offering solar lights you can use for your garden.

They are more than just a trend though. It’s likely for solar garden lights to stay popular for many years to come. This solar product offers a lot of benefits. Among the many advantages of using solar garden lights are the following:


Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar SystemsCommercial solar installation is the best choice to be selected for your business and commercial complex. It will help you in reducing your monthly energy bill but also help you to reduce your carbon footprint which improves the health and longevity of our precious Mother Earth! You can promote your company as supporting sustainable energy organization and can attract more customers who prefer to take environmentally-friendly services.

You install a commercial solar system for your business for a long-term plan and want to keep on getting its benefit for a longer duration. Solar investments and solar products for a large commercial building can have a huge benefit for your building and its energy efficiency. Not only will your building use less energy, but you will also have less impact on the environment which is a very responsible thing to do.